May 14th, 2007

Air Deccan horror story

There is a horror story about AD I've heard, one that beats the crap out of every other on the 'too weird to be false' scale. However, I've been unable to find anything online to corroborate the story. Can someone help me find out if there is some truth to it?

The abbreviated story goes something like this - An AD flight from Delhi to Chennai via Hyderabad had 30 odd passengers booked to Hyd. and rest all booked to Chennai. As always the flight was delayed multiple times and eventually left many hours late. A particularly pissed, and clearly gifted, group of passengers somehow convinced the pilot to - fancy this - skip Hyderabad and fly direct to Chennai. Imagine the surprise of the equally pissed group of 30 blokes who were expecting to get off at Hyd., when they heard they had reached Chennai.

Now, the story does not end there. It just gets weirder. The bunch of 30 really pissed and determined passengers decide they will not get off the flight - they figured they'll just hop off the plane at Hyd. on its way back to Delhi. There were 100 chaps lined up outside the gate at Chennai waiting to go to Delhi. Imagine the surprise of the last 30 folks when they walk in to a packed airplane. It is not known if they were accomodated in 'standing' class...